Brand New Monthly Card Kits Now Available!
Brand New Monthly Card Kits Now Available!
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Monthly Kits Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


When do the kits ship?  

They ship the first business day after the 15th, unless you have opted to pick yours up at one of the Kit & Coffee times.


I love the card packets in the kit.  Can I purchase an additional set of the card packets?  

         Yes!  You can order extra card packs for only $9.99 for the group of four card packets.


Will I be billed for all six months at once?  

         No.  You will be charged the reduced monthly charge of $24.99 plus tax (and shipping if you are not picking yours up) once a month on the 15th of the month.


When will we see a sneak peek of the next month’s kit?

         On or before the 10th of the month.  For instance, February’s Monthly Kit will be announced on or before February 10th


Can I skip a month?

         Yes, one time.  If you let us know by email or phone by the 10th of the month, you can skip that month’s kit and you will not be billed on the 15th.  


When will the Kit Coffee gatherings be offered?

         These times will vary due to family commitments, however, I plan on offering several different times on the first weekend following the 15th of the month.  For instance, most months they will be offered on a Sunday afternoon at 2PM and on Monday at 2PM and 6PM.  You can choose the best time for you by reserving your seat in advance each month.


I had planned on picking up my Kit, but something came up and I need to have it shipped.  How do I get my Kit?

         No worries.  Any Kits that were paid for and not picked up at one of the Kit Coffee Gatherings, we will bill your credit card for $7.50 automatically and ship it to you.  We hope that you can join us next time.  


What other supplies do I need to have on hand to complete the Stamp and Crop Monthly Card Kit?  Should I bring these with me to the Kit Coffee Gathering? 


         The basic tools: scissors, ruler, creasing tool, and of course a variety of adhesives (tape runner, white liner tape, mounting foam squares, clear glue, etc.)